how one sneaker fits six different styles

    take a walk on the classic side

    by · July 27, 2015

    photographed by roman yee

    Trends come and trends they go, but a classic is forever. And at the rate trends are a changin’, a wardrobe staple is mandatory. Think: your favorite white tee, that one pair of jeans you know goes with anything, and that one pair of shoes that’s been with you through thick and thin. There’s a nostalgia element to your wardrobe classics that keeps them fresh. And no other brand understands nostalgia quite like Superga.

    In the 100-plus years since its inception, the Italian brand has reached iconic levels of recognition. Blame it on its classic design and durability, but once you set foot in Supergas, you really don’t want to set foot anywhere else without them. To prove that, six NYLON editors tell their own #SupergaStories and reveal how its iconic shoe fits into their lives and diverse array of styles.

    Life happens fast, folks, but it happens comfortably in Superga. See for yourselves ahead.

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