photo by pamela hanson


supermarket: 10 awesome rain boots

brave the rain in the most normal boots possible.

Ever since I was young, I have been a firm hater of rain boots—let's say I thought they were too "basic" for me to wear. Now that they're a trend and finally available in styles other than Burberry's tall plaid rain boot, I'm a staunch supporter. 

Check out these 10 super cool options in the gallery. If you weren't already a believer, I have a feeling you will be...

Loeffler Randall Rain Slip-On -- $150.00

L.L. Bean Bean Boots -- $109.00

Converse All Star Waterproff Rubber Rain Sneaker -- $43.51

Hunter original Chelsea Rain Boot -- $125.00

Tatoosh Ankle Boot -- $135.00

Jeffery Campbell Stormy Rain Boot -- $54.95

Jimmy Choo Jai PVC Short Rain Boot -- $375.00

Melissa Soldier Rain Booties -- $185.00

Sophia Webster Gwen Translucent Lace-Up Ankle Boots -- $495.00

BootsiTootsi Chelsea Rain Boot -- $44.95