Supermarket: Canvas Baseball Hats

your dad would be proud

With celebrities from Rihanna to North West rocking a canvas baseball hat, we can't help but think that the dad hat we never loved is becoming fashionable. The best thing about this new/old trend, is that they come with amazing embroidered sayings and pictures. You can really speak your mind with these baseball hats, and match one to each outfit because they thankfully come in a rainbow of colors (and prices). Go with a classic old school Nike baseball hat, or get into a new cult-worthy brand with a hiliarious saying a-la Rihanna. BUT when shopping for these hats, don't just go into the women's section, try out the men's section as well. That's really where all the gems will be hiding. Get ready to express yourself, and make your dad proud.

Danielle Guizio, Not Your Bae Hat, $30, view at Danielle Guizio NY.

Nike, Ultralight Tour Perforated, $32, view at Nike.

Petals and Peacocks, Poodle Destroyed Cap, $36, view at NYLON Shop.

'47, Snapback Clean Up, $22, view at 47 Brand.

Hot Lava, I'm Pretty Hat, $38, view at Hot Lava.

Polo Ralph Lauren, Cotton Chino Baseball Cap, $39.50, view at Ralph Lauren.

Vineyard Vines, Whale Logo Baseball Hat, $25, view at Vineyard Vines.

Stussy, Stock Logo Lo Pro Strapback II, $35, view at Stussy.

Unif, Acab Hat, $32, view at Unif.

Harding Lane for Opening Ceremony, Wink Hat, $40, view at Opening Ceremony.