supermarket: the ’70s-inspired denim mini-skirt

bringing the ’70s back.

Just when you thought we had escaped it, the denim mini-skirt is back. And thankfully, they're better than the old, shredded ones that we all wore in middle school. The fashion gods have worked their magic and revamped the denim skirt into something more chic. The A-line silhouette and button detailing on the front makes for a very different, '70s-inspired vibe. With so many types—those with button details, pockets, and different washes—be sure to pick carefully and ease into the denim mini again. Click through the gallery to see our top picks.

Forever 21, Buttoned Denim Skirt, $22.90, view at Forever 21.

American Apparel, Button Front Denim A-Line Skirt, $62, view at American Apparel.

H&M, Denim Skirt, $34.99, view at H&M.

BDG, Denim Button-Front Skirt, $59, view at Urban Outfitters.

Farrow, Button Front Mini-Skirt, $68, view at Need Supply.

Boohoo, Elise Denim Button Through Mini Mid Blue Skirt, $30, view at Boohoo.

ASOS Warehouse, '70s Denim Button Mini-Skirt, $64, view at ASOS.

Missguided, Button Through Denim Skirt, $50, view at Missguided.

ZARA, Denim Skirt, $39.90, view at ZARA.

AG x Alexa Chung, The Kety Lonestar, $178, view at AG.