Supermarket: Lariat Necklaces

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    by · August 13, 2015

    At this moment in time, it’s “all the rage” to be covered in delicate gold necklaces—ones that are so thin that you can barley see them, unless you’re up super-close and personal. And while just about any tiny chain will do, the lariat style is by far our favorite. It looks like it could be a body chain, but isn’t (and it’s less constricting), and they’re great for layering with gold and silver chains. Plus, they look really flattering with a plunging neckline. Before shopping for one, you should decide if you want the chain to be beaded, and whether you want a pendant or bar at the end of the chain. If you plan to layer, make sure the length of the chain fits in with the other necklaces you want to layer with.

    Click through the gallery to see 10 of our favorite options.

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