supermarket: patches

the coolest way to diy your own…anything

Patches will always be a great way to DIY anything. They can add a vintage '70s flair to a pair of flare jeans, or add an archist punk layer to a ripped denim jacket or worn-in leather vest. With the right patch, you can recreate a piece of clothing you already own, or make a thrifted piece into a signature item. When searching for patches, check your local secondhand stores, museum gift shops, eBay, Etsy, or even your childhood junk drawer. Don't fret if they aren't iron-on—you can always utilize those sewing skills you learned in 7th grade home ec. Click through the gallery to see our 10 favorite patches of the moment.

The Cultural Exchange, elvis presley pink caddy, $13, available at The Cultural Exchange Shop.

Andraliz, vintage walt disney prods minnie mouse patch, $20, available at Andraliz.

Collecting Bug Bytes, coca cola patch great plains bottling company, $12, available at Collectingbugbytes.

King Sophie's World, alien pizza sequin patch, $239.49, available at Kingsophiesworld.

Mokuyobi Threads, get moving have fun iron-on patch, $5, available at Urban Outfitters.

Hot Topic, nirvana smiley iron-on patch, $3.15, available at Hot Topic.

Dahliasoleil, mobster fox felt animal, $6, available at dahliasoleil.

ghostworlds, no means no, feminism patch, $2.71, available at ghost worlds.

Gerritullis, cowhide leather engraved rose iron-on patch, $13, available at Gerritullis.

bohemian blue, thick thighs saves lives embroidered patch, $12, available at bohemian blue.