keep calm and grab a longboard.

by faran krentcil

"Those girls look really cool," mused Ali Hoffman over my shoulder. We were editing an online travel story on Biarritz, and "those girls" in question were the Roxy Pro surf team, along with three stylish newbies who'd won their big Let The Sea Set You Free' contest. It's true, they did look really cool, but not in the NYC way we're used to seeing in our Soho neighborhood every day. There were no Celine bags swinging from these girls' tanned arms, and no Current / Elliott jeans as proof of a casually expensive vibe. Instead, there was salt-stained denim sanded down by years of beach trips, and ikat dresses with chevron-striped bikinis peeking through. Since I followed these girls in their "natural habitat" for a week, I got lots of footage of their personal style, which ranged from zany to tomboy to pass-the-neon, depending on the girl. Below, some of my favorite looks - high tide not included.

Madison Setiawan, events planner from Bali.

Blue toes, neon knees at the beach.

Kassia Meador, photographer and Roxy Pro longboarder.

Ashton Spatz (whom you may remember from her stories in NYLON!)

Bruna Schmidt, Roxy Pro surfer from Brazil.

American flags and French girls on the beach. (Jacket by Adidas Originals.)

Carly and her many surfboards.

Chanel jacket, Zara dress, Bastille Day party!