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    tips from celeb makeup artist Suzy Gerstein

    by · December 14, 2015

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    Makeup artist Suzy Gerstein has touched the faces of celebrities like Karlie Kloss, Leighton Meester, Erin Wasson, Sky Ferreira, and Quvenzhané Wallis—to name a few. Recently, she stopped by our office to spill all of her favorite beauty trends for the holidays, including some amazing tricks of the trade for getting that holly, jolly glow. And no, it’s not by contouring. Gerstein’s first get-glowing tip for holiday parties is as simple as cream blushes and colored mascara. “Kjaer Weis makes these great cream blushes like layering with a neutral blush and for the holidays, putting a bright pop,” she told us. “RMS Beloved is also a really pretty blush, it looks like you’re out in the snow.”

    She continued, “You can also experiment with colored mascaras a little bit with the smoky eye. I love this with a navy mascara or a plum mascara. Yves Saint Laurent and Benefit make some good colored ones. You can kind of layer and do the top black and the bottom burgundy, or you can do the tips navy just to brighten the whites of your eyes, but you can still have the black by the root.”
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    Don’t forget your brows.
    “If you’re going to do a smoky eye, you can kind of pale out your brows a little bit. I’m really into brow gels at the moment. You can brush it through your brows and it holds them, but it also takes the edge off and lightens them a little. You can also do a gold powder shadow with a wet fan brush too, but then it makes the eyes more of the focus. I like these Boy Brows too, the brush is really cute. I would suggest a lighter shade than your brow hair. If you really want to make a statement brow, go with same shade or darker. The Anastasia Skinny Brow Wiz pencils are good too. A brow is a really fun holiday thing because you can make it retro with a red lip and just a brow.”

    Photo courtesy of Rituel de Fille

    DIY a bold, experimental lip.
    “For a holiday lip, I’m really into that company Rituel de Fille. You can kind of mix them together. There’s this one is called Written In Blood and Shadow Self. Gray on the lips takes down the natural rosiness. I think it looks more modern to just go straight from the bullet and then you clean it up with baby q-tips like those Muji q-tips. It lasts longer with a lip liner, but if you’re going to do a really sharp outline and keep the eyes less defined—I don’t like seeing sharp line, I like seeing no mascara and then a really crazy sharp lip just to have balance. Or a really soft stain on the lip and more of a defined eye. Think about the balance, it could be like a strong brow and a strong lip. Depending on your face, like let’s say someone has blonde eyelashes and they feel totally naked without a little mascara, I think it looks fresher to have a brown mascara or a burgundy mascara. I think experimenting with your tones is really a cool way to go. It keeps you from looking boring.”

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    Highlighting is key.
    “I think [contour] is really nice in a subtle way to shape your face—but especially when you’re younger, you don’t need to put all those layers on. I’d rather see highlighter than contour because it draws attention to what’s already there rather than trying to hide it. This other makeup artist Fiona Stiles turned me onto this great L’Oréal Magic Lumi. It’s just a great white highlighter, but you can blend it to be really sheer. That’s great for day because it’s not too shimmery. This one’s good for night because it’s got more pearl in it, the Koh Gen Do. Experiment and play around with your skin tone. For darker, think about a rose-gold highlighter or more of a goldy beige. If you’re pale, you may want to go for a pink, shell, or white color. When you’re olive, you can do a pearly beige. Anastasia is good too, they’re a nude kind of matte—you can feel the texture. It blends really easily, it’s kind of powdery. You can use it as a shadow base, you can mix the two if something’s too shimmery. And for contour, I would say skip it or use a really, really light touch.”
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