a lifeguard just for your hair.

by faran krentcil

Spending hours in the pool can do wonders for your muscles, but your hair? Not so much. And although we're deeply enamored of the sea-punk hair seen on girls like Chloe Norgaard and Jaime King, we admit not everyone wants ponytail tips the color of tropical seaweed - a color chlorine-dwellers know well. To help minimize the discoloration and breakage that comes with daily pool visits, Philip Kingsley created a new product at the request of the Olympic synchronized swim team. Called Swim Cap, the new treatment strengthens and protects waterlogged hair, and was tested in both pools and oceans. The product hits salons, and the Philip Kingsley website, right now. It's $36 and its formula won't disqualify you from any Olympic games. (Just don't drink it - but that would be gross anyway...) --

Swim Cap, $36 at Philip Kingsley.