synchros e-series headphones by JBL

    A new offering from the sound masters...

    by · June 27, 2014


    Combining award-winning design and innovative features that provide powerful sound, JBL has introduced a new line of headphones for all to enjoy.
    From in-ear to around-the-ear, the Synchros E-Series boasts a selection of four varying pairs, providing signature JBL sound through each. The assortment begins with the E-10 in-ear option, followed by two on-ear options, the E30 and E40BT, and finishes up with the E50BT. Both the E40BT and Er0BT provide Bluetooth capabilities, while the entire range focuses on offering audio quality and comfort that best reflects your lifestyle. The Synchros E-Series is available now and be purchased in numerous colorways HERE.
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