a moisturizing hybrid that you don’t have to hide behind.

by liza darwin

Sure, we know that we should always wear sunscreen. The problem is, though, between rolling out of bed and running out the door, this annoying in-between routine is just too hard to remember. But with this new beauty hybrid, we don't have to set our alarm any earlier than we need to in order to do this extra step.

Meet the BB Beauty Balm, the latest from the dermatological cosmetics brand. This semi-sheer cream smooths on easily, leaving our faces with a velvety sheen that's not too shiny. It gives enough coverage to minimize imperfections (or hide exhausting all-nighters) and with SPF 45 included in the formula, it's totally sun-savvy.

At $40, it's a little bit pricey. But considering this multitasking cream is an instant foundation/moisturizer/sunscreen in one tube, look at it this way: you're actually saving money and some room in your beauty cabinet!

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