the latest trend in winter gloves? having a big mouth.

by rebecca willa davis

When you're a kid, crazy glove options are endless. You've got the gloves connected with a string, the mittens made in the shape of various animals, and let's not forget Freezy Freakies--the snow gloves that changed color and revealed patterns when put in the cold. (Related: We miss the '80s.) But then you get older and suddenly you're looking at "work-appropriate" leather gloves or chunky mittens your best friend knitted for you. And that's it.

Well, it was it: After years of boring options, in December we began noticing a change. From our favorite designers to our go-to retailers, the hand-warmers were speaking up. Literally--from gloves to mittens to "palmwarmers", they're doing the talking with slogans stretched across them.

Some--like Kate Spade's "Taxi" yellow mittens or Marc by Marc Jacobs' faux ring (which, while devoid of words makes a big statement with the placement of its "diamond" ring)--are more useful than others (Moschino Cheap & Chic's "Chic" glove is more a statement than a vocal replacement). but all are really, really awesome. OK, not Freezy Freakies awesome, but close enough.

Kate Spade mittens - $68

Moschino Cheap and Chic gloves - $120

Donna Wilson gloves - $37.82

Cooperative glove - $18

Asos Palmwarmer - $10.55

Roberto Cavalli gloves - $55

Kate Spade mittens - $45

Marc by Marc Jacobs gloves - $61.99