14 Tarot Card Decks To Gift Your Mystical Friends This Holiday Season

These cards are works of art

Gift-giving season is upon us, and if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your metaphysically leaning friend, look no further than our guide to the best tarot card decks. While we may have already rounded up the best gifts for our fellow sister witches, we felt that the tarot deserved a complete guide of its own.

An essential divination tool for the modern witch (and, hey, curious non-witches, too), we gathered 14 of the most collectible and unconventional tarot decks out there.

Whether meant for a seasoned card reader looking to graduate from their Rider-Waite deck or a friend looking to delve into the world of the mystical for the first time, these picks are sure to be crowd-pleasers. Not only do they get the job done, but, also, these interpretations of the major and minor arcana are truly works of art. Just take a gander at Serpentfire’s glorious She Wolfe deck, by artist and writer Devany Wolfe, and or the ultra-feminist Slutist Tarot, by artist Morgan Claire Sirene, if you need any convincing.

Bonus? Some of these decks come packaged with their own guides to the tarot, making them ideal for any newbie.

Your friends’ (ahem, or your own) journey into the occult awaits in our deck picks, below.

Photo courtesy of Leila + Olive

Leila + Olive, Ophidia Rosa Tarot, $48, available at Leila + Olive.

Photo courtesy of Small Spells

Small Spells, Tarot Deck, $50, available at Small Spells.

Photo courtesy of Slutist

The Slutist Tarot, Tarot Deck, $50, available at Slutist.

Photo courtesy of The Wild Unknown

The Wild Unknown. Tarot Box Set, $40, available at The Wild Unkown.

Photo courtesy of Serpentfire

Serpentfire, She Wolfe Tarot Deck, $65, available at Serpentire.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Tarot Del Fuego, Tarot Deck by Ricardo Cavolo. $20.43, available at Amazon.

Photo courtesy of Holly Simple Studio

Holly Simple, Tarot Deck, $40, available at Holly Simple Studio.

Photo courtesy of Aina Studio

Aina Studio, The Minimalist Tarot Deck, $40, available at Aina Studio.

Photo courtesy of Bandcamp

The Black Power Tarot, Tarot Deck by King Khan and Michael Eaton, $60, available at Bandcamp.

Photo courtesy of The Starchild Tarot

The Starchild Tarot, Akashic Tarot Deck, $65, available at The Starchild Tarot.

Photo courtesy of Wanderer's Tarot

The Wanderer’s Tarot, Midnight Edition $45, available at Wanderer’s Tarot.

Photo courtesy of Two Side Tarot

Light Grey Tarot, 78 Artist Deck, $48, available at Two Side Tarot.

Photo courtesy of Inner Hue

Inner Hue, Lumina Tarot, $70, available at Inner Hue.

Photo courtesy of Amazon

The Linestrider Tarot, Tarot Deck by Siolo Thompson, $21.31, available at Amazon.