Taylor Swift Shook It Off With a 7-Year-Old Fan

haters gonna hate

If you are an overly enthusiastic child who just so happens to flaunt what you've got in front of your parents' video camera, then The Ellen Show can do wonderful things for you (remember Sophia Grace and Rosie?). So after seven-year-old Dylan Barnes showed off his skills on YouTube, Ellen Degeneres brought him onstage for a performance to "Shake It Off." But it only got better from there. The petite fan got to meet T.Swift—and the two had an incredible dance party.

Swift posted a video on Instagram showing off Barnes's infectious energy and her adorably awkward dance moves. 

Besides warming our cold, frosty hearts, Barnes's dance moves are actually pretty impressive. Maybe Swift will take cue from Sia and Maddie Ziegler and adopt her own dancing muse.

(via Mashable)