Watch Taylor Swift And Jimmy Fallon Dance On The Jumbotron


What do you do when your friend starts doing "your thing" without you? Well, if you're Jimmy Fallon, you get it off your chest.

Last night, on The Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon confronted his former jumbotron dance partner Taylor Swift about how she has been dancing at awards shows without him. "For a while, that was our thing," said Fallon. Cue the montage—footage of event-goers getting down in nosebleed seats, clipped with live-shot segments of Swift and Fallon (supposedly courtside) wasting popcorn and, well, shaking it off. Each dance escalates, from the robot to the "Cotton Eye Joe," until coming to a head with a recreation of the famous Flashdance water scene.

"We should do it again some time," finishes Fallon. We wouldn't be opposed.