taylor swift paid off a fan’s student loans

    or, more precisely, $1989 of them

    by · January 14, 2015

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    If you become a devoted Swiftie within the next 340 days or so, your credit score and overall well-being may improve exponentially. Because apparently Taylor Swift loves her super-fans so much that she’s willing to dish out $1989 to help pay off their student loans and around $40 on art supplies to create a custom framed painting for them.

    This Christmas, after seeing a fan-made mashup video of Swift and her friends set to the Friends theme song, the country-gone-pop singer sent a package to the video’s creator, Rebekah Bortniker. In said package was a handwritten card, a handmade watercolor painting, a Polaroid of Swift creating the aforementioned artwork, a necklace, a canvas pouch, and a check for $1989, intended to be spent toward paying off her student loans.

    Because the United States government clearly believes that education should cost more than what many people make in a year, $1989 certainly won’t settle all the debt Bortniker most likely racked up, but it definitely will help pay off some of the accrued interest.

    So, fellow recent grads, it’s time to start listening to “Blank Space” on loop. While you do that, check out all the gifts Bortniker received from Swift by clicking through the gallery.

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