Taylor Swift Talks Cheeseburgers And Boyfriends In Vogue’s ’73 Questions’

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by daniel barna

Well, you knew it was coming. Ever since it was revealed that Taylor Swift would cover Vogue's May issue, it was only a matter of time before the mag dropped an episode of their ultra popular video series 73 Questions featuring Swift herself. The only surprise here is how long it took.

The series, which takes us inside a celebrity's home as they answer various questions to prove how simultaneously quirky and normal they are, is really the perfect vehicle for Swift, whose whole life looks like it belongs in an issue of Dwell

The video was shot during Grammy week at Swift's Beverly Hills home, and despite her penchant for sharing nearly every aspect of her life on social media, still manages to reveal a lot of surprising facts about Swift's life outside the public eye. For instance, what's the one thing she's always wanted to do but has been too afraid of? According to Swift, it's performing at Coachella, which we can only hope will happen sooner than later. 

Swift also revealed that her proudest accomplishment in a career filled with accomplishments is her Grammy collection, which is scattered throughout her home in all their shiny glory.

Other notable Swift facts include her biggest guilty pleasure (chicken tenders), her favorite alcoholic beverage (vodka Diet Coke), and the best gift she's ever received, an olive tree that boyfriend Calvin Harris planted in her yard for Christmas. Just when we thought her life couldn't be more perfect...

Watch Taylor Swift's episode of 73 Questions below.