gold saturn has a thing for pete and agyness.

by faran krentcil

Last year, artist Dana Veraldi painted her favorite people on t-shirts - people that included photography legend Bill Cunningham, Rochas designer Olivier Theyskens, and super trooper Agyness Deyn.

This season, Gold Saturn's doing something a little more subtle - but not really. The tee collective may be most famous for their peace sign shirts - the ones where the famous hippie symbol was recreated out of pills.

But their Fall '09 collection includes some whimsically sketched graphics including a very Agyness-like girl in heart-shaped shades, plus a reedy young man in suspenders and a Trilby hat whose hastily sketched demeanor still resembles (quite strongly) the everyday mess of Pete Doherty.

The shirts retail for about $40 on the Gold Saturn website - or you could take a page from Dana Veraldi and start making your own...