tee off

get the scoop behind junk food’s new artist collaboration.

by liza darwin

If you stalk street art (or NYLON), then you're probably familiar with the work of Anthony Lister, Australian native who's known for plastering buildings around the world with super heroes like Green Lantern, Batgirl, and The Flash. But now you don't have to troll the sidewalk to get your Lister fix, because he's teamed up with Junk Food on a limited-edition line of t-shirts. We quizzed the Brooklyn resident on his newest project and his superhero obsession.

How did you get involved with Junk Food?

They make heroes. I make heroes. We made heroes. Here we are.

Is there a difference between Australian and American street art?

No, street art is universal worldwide.

It's like asking if there are difference between Australian and American Facebook. It's all so connected no matter where you are.

Who are your favorite street artists?

Most people don't realize that Michelangelo was a street artist. He and his friends would wheel his sculptures into the streets in the middle of night. This one time, Michelangelo returned the next day to see the towns people admiring the work of who they thought was another artist. That very night he returned and began carving his name into his work.

Why do you like to create superheroes? Which superhero do you like best?

I like superheroes because they allow me to communicate contemporary culture and draw references a to ancient mythology, spirituality and religion without being too heavy.

I don't have a favorite. I think power is dangerous.

What's the best part about your job?

The fact that get to travel the world doing what I want, meeting people that I respect and truly trying to do better than I did the day before on all levels.

Buy the shirts at Junk Food and find out more about Anthony Lister here.