Tegan + Sara Live Their Puppet Fantasy In New “Dying To Know” Video

Breakups are hard, even for inanimate objects

There is no way to make a breakup feel good. Sugarcoating your reasoning, too, is detrimental and unfair to your soon-to-be ex. You want to get right to the point, keep it concise, and use verbiage that will hopefully answer whatever questions or confusions that may come to mind after the initial ache passes. Or else you wind up in a situation similar to Tegan + Sara's in their "Dying to Know" song.

For what is essentially a post-breakup anthem, the Quins long for the answers and closure. They're bitter, upset, and, at the same time, healing and seeing the light beneath the cracks. In true Tegan + Sara form, the "Dying to Know" video is unexpected in its concept and delightful in its delivery. The sisters are transformed into puppets and take a puppet Lamborghini on a Miami Vice-like joyride. Some of us opt for wine and chocolate following a breakup, others seek the fast life and thrills. Clarity comes soon after. Observe in the video below.