Watch A Never-Before-Seen Tegan & Sara ‘Con’ Video, Now With Hayley Williams


Back in 2007, fan-made videos hardly ever made it into the hands of the artists that inspired them. Today, thanks to social media making artists more accessible, that's obviously not the case. But Tegan and Sara are an anomaly. Their fans managed to get director-animator Kristine Thune's videos—four altogether—in front of them in 2007, hot off the release of their fifth studio album, The Con. "It was just sort of a secret fan piece," the band tells us, "but we loved them." Now, those videos are being released, in full, by Tegan and Sara themselves. Talk about the power of fandoms.

We're proud to premiere Thune's take on "Nineteen" today, The Con's heartbroken song about a relationship that ran its course. This time around, though, the sisters put Hayley Williams' cover of the song, lifted off of their new album, The Con X: Covers, over the video instead. "We were blown away by Hayley's version," they say. "Somehow, she managed to make the song even more sad." 

Thune recut her original video for the new version, which, yes, is indeed sadder than Tegan and Sara's more upbeat but still downtrodden original. "[We] actually find the Kristine Thune visual as haunting, if not more, than [we] did 10 years ago," they say. "Without knowing us, she may have captured the intensity and the longing and the anxiety that was there no better than [we] could have." They add, "Somehow, the new version that Hayley did fits just as perfectly." Fate (and fans) work in mysterious ways, don't they?

Watch the official "Nineteen" music video, below.