Go Behind The Scenes With Tegan and Sara In ‘That Girl’

Their latest video provides a glimpse into life as a rock star

There comes a point in every band’s life cycle where it makes sense to release a live music video. For Tegan and Sara, that time is now. The Canadian duo has always been extra creative with their music videos. Last spring, we premiered the surreal, animated clip for “Hang on to the Night,” and this past September, the band debuted the playful and colorful Allistair Ann-directed clip for “Stop Desire.” But now, Ann is back to helm Tegan and Sara’s latest video for “That Girl,” a black-and-white diary that takes us behind the curtain as the sisters go about the sometimes mundane, often exhilarating day-to-day of being rock stars.

“That Girl” is the 10th and final video from their album Love You to Death, and, according to their Instagram post, functions as a sort of love letter to their fans. We see the sisters arriving at an empty concert hall before their show, looking out from the stage at the rows upon rows of empty seats. We see them doing promotional signings, making radio appearances, and hanging out on their swanky tour bus. And then we see them do what they do best: take the stage and perform their pristine electropop in front of thousands of jubilant fans. Watch the video for “That Girl” above.