designer tattoos for artsy commitment-phobes.

by liza darwin

A few seasons ago, there was a surprising new It item hitting the runways at Betsey Johnson, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, even Rodarte. But instead of a luxe bag or investment trench, the designers did a major throwback to childhood and created some exclusive temporary tattoos- so exclusive that the waiting lists for some of them were as ridiculously long as the list for the actual, you know, clothes.

And while this couture tattoo obsession may have faded away slightly (you can still scout them on eBay), who says the fun has to be over just yet?

Turning the obsessive logo fad on its head, NYC-based Tattly makes cheeky temporary tattoos brainstormed by international designers. The dozens of creations are available to buy online, and feature everything from a funny take on knuckle tattoos ("a 4x6 sheet of pure gangsta"), popsicles, and our favorite: a perpetually late watch stamp.

We like them because they're cool, unique, and cost only $5 for a set. Plus, the obvious bonus for commitment-phobes: you can change them as often as your nail polish, and never have to worry about regretting your ink years later.

Wearing your heart on your sleeve might lead to some problems. But wearing a sleeve full of art? Well, that's just fun.

Buy them here.