terius “the dream” nash in nylon guys

From working at Wendy’s to winning a slew of Grammys…

by Josh Madden

The Dream in NYLON Guys

Terius Nash aka The Dream IS a hard-working dude from Atlanta who went from working at Wendy's to being a household name. His new album 

IV Play 


all the big names--think Jay-Z, Beyonce, Pusha T, 2Chainz, and blues artist Gary Clark Jr. In this month's NYLON Guys we caught up with him to discuss everything from penning hits to writing songs just for the love of it. Check out page 88 in this month's issue for more on The Dream and check out some his new jams from

IV Play



On becoming friends with Jay-Z:

"When I first came around he was like, 'No new friends.' [...] Now we'll play video games and he and B are like, 'Here, you can hold Blue.'"

On making an R&B record for the love as opposed to just sticking to writing hits: 

"I'm sacrificing everything I could be doing. Like, I should be writing some Adele songs right now. If it takes 15 minutes to write a song that makes me five million dollars, I probably should be doing that. I'm putting out an R&B album for the love of it."

On life: 

"I'm living this great mess of a life, but I can write and work myself past anything."