Terror Jr Released A Delightfully Dark Christmas Song

Sad Sad Girl

Christmas music teeters between being uncomfortably upbeat and cheerful to downright depressing. But what about dark? Unless we’re talking Nightmare Before Christmas, songs dedicated to the holidays don’t typically have an edge to them. So, leave it to mysterious duo Terror Jr to implant some.

“Sad Sad Girl” could be played alongside any of the duo’s bops released this year. Meaning, it’s not decidedly a Christmas song. There are no bells within ear shot. Instead of a naughty and nice list, lead singer Lisa Terror focuses her attention on her “hit list.” She does mention that it’s going to be a white Christmas, but we have a feeling she’s not referencing the snow most of us experienced this past weekend. “No mistletoe, just spliffs more,” Lisa sings. “No eggnog, just Sierra Mist.” 

A Terror Jr Christmas is a twisted Christmas, indeed. We just hope we get an invitation to the celebration.