Tess Holliday’s Bikini-Body Instructional Video Is Inspiring

step one: get a bikini

How many times have you seen or read articles with headlines that tell you how to get "perfect, washboard abs" in just ten-ish steps? Actually, we know the answer. It’s eleventy billion.

With so much online and print content dedicated to helping us slim down for “bikini season,” you could be forgiven for thinking that hitting the beach requires the same level of preparation and exposure to deadly risk as climbing Everest solo (it doesn’t). The overwhelming message from all these articles: Our bodies are problems that we need to fix before letting people see us in a bathing suit.

We are just so over that kind of body negativity, and so it seems are the people behind this video. Created by the plus-size women’s line SimplyBe and featuring one of our favorite models, Tess Holliday, it show you exactly how easy it is to get ready for bikini season. Turns out all you need to have a bikini body is a bikini and a body. So simple, so true.