attempting the easiest eyeshadow ever.

by liza darwin

We might have mastered the swoopy cat-eyed liner, the volumizing mascara, and even scary-looking eyelash curler, but there's one eye makeup essential we haven't yet perfected, despite years of practice: eyeshadow.

And while it's easy to roll your eyes (pun intended) in disbelief, making the jump from everyday shimmery pink to contoured shadow is daunting! Every time we've attempted anything more intense than an all-natural hue, we're left with a messy disaster.

This is why we were pumped to test the brand new L'Oreal One Sweep Eyeshadow, which promises to define, color, and highlight the eyes, all in one step.

Our product: L'Oreal One Sweep Eyeshadow, at drugstores for $8.99.

Our test: Press the eyelid-shaped pad into the tri-colored shadow, and then swoop the pad across your eyes. You can either blend it to make the different colors more natural, or leave it as is for a more defined look.

Our results: If there's such thing as a foolproof shadow, we've found it. Between the perfectly-shaped shadow pad, the combination of colors (the different sets are personalized for blue, green and hazel eyes), and the rock-bottom price, it doesn't get any easier than this.

Our favorite part about the deal is that we don't even have to set our alarm any earlier; in fact, this super-quick shadow actually saves us time in the morning. See? Makeup miracles can totally happen.