because bigger really is better.

by liza darwin

Volumizing hair products can be tricky. On one hand, you want your hair to be full and bouncy, but on the other hand, you definitely don't want to end up looking like a frizzy mess. So when we heard that TIGI's "Styleshots" shampoo and conditioner contain a "volume boosting shot," we were a little bit hesitant. After all, "80s prom queen" isn't exactly the look we're going for. But believe it or not, these multitasking styling products prove that you really can get volume without sacrificing smoothness.

Our product: TIGI Bedhead "Styleshots" Shampoo and Conditioner, about $13 at select salons and

Our test:  Use it for a week with no other styling products involved (other than a blowdryer).

Our results: In a word? Obsessed. This set really lives up to its name because both the shampoo and conditioner contain styling ingredients that boost hair up from the roots, without making it stick up all over. Plus, it manages to stop frizziness without the need for any other product. It's the easiest way to have that full-body look without constantly fluffing your hair or dousing on hairspray. Talk about getting a lift.