Photo via @daewzii2542 Instagram


this thai fashionista makes fierce outfits from everyday objects

and looks incredible in all of them

by jenny lee

A fierce figure has descended upon our Instagram feeds, and he calls himself ThaiBan Fashionist, or Thai Fashionista. The 15-year-old boy is quickly becoming a social-media sensation for his incredible creativity and artistic vision in fashion.

The young designer creates outfits from everyday objects, like hangers, leaves, and woven baskets, taking them from ordinary to high fashion with a series of fabulous poses and intense expressions. It's clear the Thai Fashionista loves to experiment with everything he can get his hands on, and whatever he touches becomes instantly chic. When scrolling through his feed, it's easy to see that he has a knack for styling, and we have no doubt his obvious love for fashion and creativity will take him very far.