make your vote count!

by ray siegel

It's election day! There are a lot of good reasons to get out and vote (take a look at our America issue if you need a reminder), but the best one is: because you can. It's hard to believe that not too long ago women couldn't vote at all. Some really smart ladies fought for our rights, so get out there and make them proud. If you're 18 or older and you haven't hit your local polling center, here's a breakdown of just how simple it is.

Know where to vote. Type in your home address


and this site will direct you to your polling place.

Know your voting machine. There are a few different types, but Vote New York shows you how each piece of equipment works (some of them are ancient),

right here


If it's your first time, Lena Dunham can offer a few words of advice,

right here

(it's the best PSA we've ever seen).

Election 2012! Let's go, America!