face off: dark lipstick

gold on the outside, maroon on the inside.

by steff yotka and rebecca willa davis

Finding the perfect dark lipstick is a lifelong quest that we rant about for hours, but instead we've decided to limit ourselves to experimenting with two of the coolest new lipstick releases from Lipstick Queen and Aerin. Both are dark, wine-hued shades, and come in shiny gold packaging, meaning that not only will they make your lips look pretty, but they'll also look pretty in your purse. 

The colors may look the similar in the tube, but they're actually quite different--read our reviews of each below to figure out which hue is right for you.

The Product: Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope Lipstick in "Entourage" -- $50

The Promise:

Super-pigmented color in just one swipe.

The Result:

Lipstick Queen's genius Poppy King has been working on this formula for years--and it shows. The Velvet Rope lipstick goes on like silk, is super-moisturizing, intensely opaque (no need to put on three coats here), and has this lovely mint scent that is a fresh alternative to the usual lipstick tube smell. And the vintage clutch-inspired packaging? Gorgeous.

Use It:

If you're not afraid of bold color--and like a bit of luxury with your beauty routine. -- REBECCA WILLA DAVIS

The Product:

Aerin Lipstick in "Mercer" -- $30

The Promise:

Nourishing lipstick with a floral scent that will keep lips smooth and add some pop. 

The Result:

I'm a big lipstick user and I love a dark berry hue, so right off the bat I knew this shade was for me. What sets this one apart from others, though, it that it is pretty sheer, meaning you can throw on one coat for a "just bitten" look or lacquer on multiple for a goth princess vibe (my personal choice). It also really does moisturize your lips so you don't get that weird dry mouth thing that a very dry, opaque lipstick can create.  

Use It:

If you want to test the waters of the dark lip territory. -- STEFF YOTKA

Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope Lipstick in "Entourage"

Aerin Lipstick in "Mercer"