The Big Moon’s “Silent Movie Susie” Might Win Barbie A Best Actress Award

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Everyone's been there: You send a text message assuming it's gone through, only to find out hours later that it didn't get delivered. That 21st-century predicament is what sets the plot in motion for "Silent Movie Susie," the new video from London four-piece The Big Moon.

In it, a veterinarian texts her significant other to let him know she'll be home soon, but since he didn't get the message, she catches him in bed with another woman. The shocking discovery sends her into a tailspin, to the point where she botches surgery on some poor dog. Eventually, salvation is found in the catharsis of a good old-fashioned rock show. Did we mention this entire saga plays out with Barbie dolls?

"We sent the song to our pal Louis who's made some wonderful vids with us before," the band told us of their choice to use dolls over people. They add:

He found this doll in a market and sent us some videos of him playing out little scenes with her and it was hilarious, so we decided to turn it into a whole story! We just sat in a cafe thinking of things that would be funny if they were done by a doll, which turns out is pretty much everything. Whittling down the ideas was difficult so someday we hope to make the feature film.

Watch the video above.