open your eyes to pop beauty’s neon palette.

by liza darwin

As if it weren't already obvious by the rainbow-eyed models that stomped down the runways everywhere from Derek Lam to Christian Dior last season, neon makeup definitely isn't reserved for theme parties and blacklight raves anymore.

Luckily, PopBeauty has us covered for our neon needs in a high-wattage way. The U.K.-based makeup company's new "Lid Neon" is a small eye palette with six different hues like pink, orange, yellow and turquoise, each of which goes on totally smooth. Plus, these shadows have a matte finish- meaning, you don't have to worry about being mistaken for a glittery '80s prom queen when you whip out these dayglo shades in public (which we can't wait to do, by the way).

At only $22 for all six shades, here's to looking on the bright side.

Check them out here.