the cast of breaking bad “Ignition Remix”

So baby gimmie that toot toot…

by Josh Madden

If your office is anything like our office, Monday mornings find everyone split into two groups: those who saw Breaking Bad last night and want to discuss it in great detail and those who missed Breaking Bad last night, recorded it, and are threatening to strangle anyone who says anything about the show. We couldn't be bigger fans (obviously, we have THIS DUDE on this month's cover) and while we'd love to talk about what happened last night, we encourage office peace. So instead of ruining the surprise for you -or Tim in marketing- we'd like to offer up the video below, for office solidarity. It features the cast of the hit show performing, well not really but kinda, the R Kelly's timeless classic "Ignition Remix."This video is a way for the whole company to come together and celebrate their love BrBa love!