The Chainsmokers Release A Video For That Catchy Song Of Theirs

You know the one

Last week, The Chainsmokers got into a bizarre back-and-forth with Lady Gaga. First, Alex Pall, one-half of the DJ duo, said Gaga’s song “Perfect Illusion” sucked in a Rolling Stone interview. Then, Gaga directed a tweet about her newest track, “A-YO,” from Joanne to the duo, writing: “#AYO @TheChainsmokeres maybe you guys’ll like this 1 better.” The first few lines of the song are as follows: “I can’t wait to smoke them all, whole pack like Marlboro/ Blow it in your face.” 

The Chainsmokers eventually raised a white flag to her clap back, but it got us wondering: Was their insult a front to shift the attention back to them and that summer hit everyone has since forgotten about? Probably, because just today, they released a video for said summer hit, “Closer.” And now it's stuck in your head like it never left. 

The video features Halsey and Smoker Andrew Taggart at various stages of their relationship. The first minute is a flashback to happier times and leaves us in serious suspense as to whether or not they’re going to start making out. Spoiler: they do. Eventually, the honeymoon stage ends and the relationship sizzles out. 

Present day shows Taggart longingly staring at Halsey. She glances his way, but, for the most part, she’s too busy looking pretty in a hotel bar to be bothered. Another spoiler: it appears that the two do, in fact, get older.  

Check out the video above.