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    tgif! celebrate with a dance party, bright lips, and clothes that don’t match

    by · April 04, 2014

    photo by eeva rinne via sophia webster on facebook

    The Curator: Jackie Yaeger, Newsletter EditorThe Look: All Mixed Up
    Even though shoe designer and self-proclaimed flamingo enthusiast Sophia Webster doesn’t have an apparel collection (we all know how awesome her luxury shoe designs are), that doesn’t mean she can’t be inspiration for the ultimate spring outfit. (Seriously, I’m not a musician and I’m pretty good at guitar hero.) Obsessed is really the only word I find appropriate to describe my feelings toward this tortoise-shell-glasses-and-mismatched-printed-blouse combo that the creative cool girl is rocking at her fall ’14 collection presentation. I need this entire thing, including the Heidi braids.
    The Face: Iggy Azalea’s Light Pink Lips
    Okay, since it’s getting warmer and warmer every day, I’m really tempted to go nuts with a crazy neon lipstick. I’m thinking this is the kind of look I can definitely pull off at a wild party over the weekend, but during the day, is it too much? As a backup beauty look, I’m taking my inspo from Iggy Azalea, whose combo of neutral everything, paired up with a subtly bright pink lip is to.die.for.The News: Haylie Duff Is Engaged
    Not sure about you, but since the days of Lizzie McGuire, I’ve felt like Hilary (and Haylie Duff) were friends of my own. And when one of my friends gets engaged, the obvious reaction is to make a post on about it! So, congrats to you Haylie--AKA “The future Mrs.Rosenberg,” on her recent news shared on Instagram with boyfriend-turned-fiance Matt Rosenberg...I do expect an invite to your wedding (wink wink).
    The Inspiration: The Aquadolls First Kiss Album Cover
    When was the last time you leaned against the floor and chatted on the phone while spinning a landline cord through your fingers?! On this flashback Friday, I’m taking inspiration from pysch surf-punk group The Aquadolls. Their bandcamp album cover for First Kiss (by Justine Reyes) reminds me that I should take some time to flash back to the good old days when the only way to talk to someone far away, was to call them on the phone and chat until your ear hurt; no texting, no speakerphone, no Emojis. So, yes, even though I am admittedly obsessed with Emojis, I vow this weekend to actually call my friends and tell them how much I love pizza, instead of showing with them with digital icons.
    The Song: You! Me! Dancing! - Los Campesinos!
    If there’s any song that gets me pumped for a dance party it’s this one off of the indie rock band’s 2008 album Hold On Now, Youngster…. Actually, whenever I play it, I basically have a dance party wherever I am. Besides “Knee Deep at ATP,” this is my favorite song by the Welsh musicmakers. Before you even play this jam, you know it’s going to be a jump-around lose-yourself soundtrack on repeat, because it has three exclamation points in the title. T.G.I.F.!!!
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