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    by · August 12, 2014

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    The News: A Picture of an Elementary-School Steve Buscemi Has Surfaced

    I repeat: There is a picture of an elementary-school aged Steve Buscemi on the internet. I could go on, but I’d really like to get back to watching an older Buscemi on Boardwalk Empire. And besides, what could be more magical than this piece of web-found gold?

    The Look: French Connection Fall/Winter 2014 Campaign

    A baby blue plush jacket, knit mini, bleached hair, heeled boots, and a rabbit in a top hat—sounds about right.

    The Face: Fresh Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy, $35

    In all honesty, when this “age-defying” lip treatment came across my desk, I was extremely skeptical. After all, why would one ever need wrinkle-less lips? Which also raises the question of whether lip ridges are even wrinkles in the first place? But I used it morning and night, as directed, and I must say, I’m digging its effects. Aside from my neighbors’ 4-year-old child, I may have the youngest looking lips on the block.

    The Inspiration: The New Houdini Trailer

    Adrien Brody is starring in The History Channel’s Houdini, a four-hour miniseries chronicling the master escapist/magician’s life from poverty to profound success. It looks dark, twisted, and all-in-all entertaining. Watch the trailer below.

    The Song: “Frontin’ (Disclosure Rework)” by Pharrell Williams feat. Jay Z

    I know a magician is never supposed to reveal his/her secrets, but I haven’t technically been inducted into The Alliance of Magicians (nor have I sought out a membership, I might add), so I only feel slightly comfortable telling you the secret to my killer weekend DJ skills. And it is...(please insert a mental drumroll here, dear reader)...Majestic Casual’s YouTube channel. Filled with mixes of sweet, sweet songs, it’s a sure bet to get any party, or after-party, going. The “Frontin’” Disclosure Rework has definitely injected life into many a late-night, so it seems like a pretty appropriate addition to this Checklist.

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