The Coathangers Pay Tribute To The Girl Groups Before Them On “Down Down”

Premiering right here

by Sadie Bell

The Coathangers aren't your regular punk band. This group of Atlanta-based cool girls started making music as a pet project. But with much dedication, their sound and ambitions grew well beyond playing house shows for their closest friends. Ten years after the band's inception, The Coathangers have released their fifth album, Nosebleed Weekend, and their punk venture has become more artful than ever. 

Today, we are premiering the music video for "Down Down," a grungy song off of the band's most recent release. By fusing the track's guitar-driven rhythm with a geometric light show and effortlessly cool style, the Matt Odom-directed video encapsulates the band's artistry. 

"The concept and styling of the video is a nod to the amazing 'girl groups' of the '60s," lead singer, Julia Kugel, says. "We are always categorized as a 'girl band' instead of just a 'band,' so for this video, it felt good to embrace that and at the same time acknowledging the strong talented women that paved the way for women in our industry."

When the song briefly changes in time signature, the video erupts in a scene of rock and roll chaos. As the crowd embraces the band's liberatory lyrics, "Don't worry, I don't need you at all," sonically and visually, the scene embodies just how far The Coathangers and all women in music have come. 

Nosebleed Weekend is out now on Suicide Squeeze Records. Watch their entire video, below.