‘The Comeback’ Makes a Comeback

you know, the one with lisa kudrow.

While we're already anticipating seeing Lisa Kudrow all over our TVs come January, when the entire Friends series hits to Netflix, we don't have to wait until 2015 to get our Kudrow on. After a single-season run in 2005, The Comeback is returning to HBO on November 9th. The show stars Kudrow as a bygone actress named Valerie Cherish, who is cast in an HBO show and allows reality TV cameras to follow her around everywhere, documenting her return to fame. So meta.

Not unlike her character on Friends, the actress gets up to some zany antics in the show's return trailer (watch below). Kudrow dons a green screen morph suit, has an impromptu photoshoot with an Oscar award, and for some reason ends up in the trunk of a car (seemingly held hostage while covered in a bunch of rubber snakes).

If the trailer is at all indicative of what's to come, then we definitely can't wait for this show, which also stars familiar faces Laura Silverman and Malin Akerman as Cherish's friends, to get started.

Created by Kudrow and Sex and the City writer/producer Michael Patrick King, The Comeback is definitely something we'll be adding to our DVR.