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    because being warm doesn't mean you can't be cool.

    by steff yotka · November 12, 2013
    If the snow in New York wasn't a telltale sign, winter is here. While we'll be fighting it emotionally, physically we're going to have to buckle down and buy a coat to keep us warm through the rain, snow, and sleet.Of course the problem with most winter coats is that they either make you feel like a pre-teen boy or the Michelin man, and in some horrible cases both. But not all coats are bad; we asked our editors their go-to winter coat styles, and what we learned is that the key is to think outside of the box. The Editor: Rebecca Willa Davis, Executive Web EditorThe Trend: Colorblocked CoatsThe Reason: I'm indecisive with just about everything--what I'm going to eat for lunch, which movie I want to see, when I should go to the gym--so settling on just one color with a winter jacket when I'm shopping turns into a multi-hour affair. That's probably why I've been so into the colorblocked coat trend; why pick just one when you can have two, three, or even for different shades? The Editor: Steff Yotka, Associate Web EditorThe Trend: Fuzzy CoatsThe Reason: Because the number one rule for me is coziness, and nothing makes you feel as snuggly or makes you as happy as being cloaked in something soft all winter long. The Editor: Liza Darwin, Senior Web EditorThe Trend: Boxy CoatsThe Reason: That feeling after your alarm goes off but before you get dressed in the morning is the absolute worst. For everyone like me who just wants to curl up under the covers but can't, these boxy, cozy coats are a pretty cute alternative. Check out all the options in our gallery and tell us on Facebook which winter coat trend you're relying on to look cool while staying warm.
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