‘The Crown’ Season 2 Trailer Is Filled With More Palace Intrigue

All is not well at Buckingham

Last month when we spoke to Claire Foy, we asked her if The Crown was essentially a love story between Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Philip, and if Season 2 would be a reflection of that. “That’s definitely a part of it, but it’s bigger than that,” she said at the time. “It’s about society, it’s about politics. It’s about how the monarchy is a reflection of the British people. It’s about a relationship between the monarchy and the world.” Based on the new trailer for The Crown’s upcoming season, it would appear that Foy was spot-on. Go figure.

The trailer begins with a voiceover warning us—and presumably Elizabeth—that “the world has changed, society in Britain has changed.” But then it narrows its focus on Elizabeth and Philip’s relationship. As she settles into her role as the Queen of England, he becomes more unsettled in his role as her husband. “You married a wild spirit,” someone tells her. As if to prove what wild man he really is, Philip grows a surprisingly scraggly beard. Elizabeth's sister, Princess Margaret, is also flashing her independent streak. The rest of the trailer is vague on plot details, but with its sumptuous photography, exotic locations, and impeccable costumes, it serves as a reminder that The Crown is one of the best-looking shows on TV.

Season 2 of The Crown—which will be Foy’s last—hits Netflix on December 8. Watch the trailer, above.