the dianna dress

get the famous dress from the issue for under $200.

by faran krentcil

Some magazines are very into the "price upon request" line - you know, the information they put underneath their cover outfits because they're just too expensive for most readers to buy. We're not really about that here in the NYLON universe, and now that Spring 2012 clothes are hitting stores around the world, we can prove it.

Watch Dianna Agron's cover shoot on NYLON TV.

Today, the Royal Print Dress from Juicy Couture hits shelves.  It's $198, available in sizes 0-10, and also for sale online.  It's a very cute dress, but it's even more special because it's the one Dianne Agron wore in our January 2012 issue! 

See Dianna's self-portrait in the Royal Print Dress.

Wear it with patterned tights, kitten heels and a bouffant bun to get her mod-goes-rockabilly look - or keep your hair down and your Docs on if you want to see it in a modern light.  (It's also perfect with a cardigan and preppy ballerina flats, but being from Juicy Couture, you probably already guessed that.)

Juicy Couture dress, $198 in stores now.

Plus: Remember the Juicy Couture beer and pill charms?!