the face: mm6

orange eyes and windswept hair never looked so good.

One of the major highlights for me this fashion week was being given exclusive backstage access to one of my favorite shows of the season, MM6. After having my own private freak-out moment of excitement, I got ready to expect the unexpected.

James Pecis, lead hair stylist for Bumble and bumble re-invented the mullet, so to speak: The hair was "business in the front" (soft and slicked back) and "party in the back" (rough and matted texture).

1. Spray hair with

Bumble and Bumble Holding Spray

(if you have thinner hair, use the

Thickening Hairspray

) and blow dry with your fingers and a flat brush.

2. Once your hair is dry, spray

Dryspun Finish

and pull hair back into a low ponytail with an elastic.

3. Separate your pony by flattening out each section and wetting with 

Holding Spray

- then blow dry each section for a matte texture.

4. Roll and fold your hair close to your head to create, as Pecis loving dubbed it, a "beaver tail".

5. Use your hands to mess it up a little for extra edge and cool.

For makeup, lead makeup artist Benjamin Puckey for M.A.C Cosmetics focused his attention on a conceptual and graphic eye--canceling out the any attention on the face by leaving the skin and lips natural looking.

1. Using

M.A.C Chromacakes

(which is activated with water) and Pigment, take a flat liner brush (I spotted the

M.A.C #266

a lot backstage) and begin mapping out your "rectangle." The girls all had different colors (black, white, blue)--so pick which ever you want!

2. Go by what your eye shape is, and focus on the middle part of your lid--but when painting up on your lid, don't go too far up to the brow.

3. Clean up the rectangular shape and any mess by dipping a Q-tip in makeup remover and working around your lid.

The end result is equal parts weird and chic--but totally wearable. Unconventional eye colors have been 


this season, seriously, I have seen them pretty much everywhere. So, what do you think? Is colored eyeshadow the new "bright lip"? And will you be trying out this look?