all photos by todd selby


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travel the world in search of the coolest studios.

by steff yotka

If you look at Todd Selby's website,, and become suddenly filled with irrational jealousy for his lifestyle of traveling the world and photographing some of the coolest people in their incredible homes and workspaces, then his new book, The Fashionable Selby, might just cause you to explode.

A collection of all Selby's photos of fashion influencers, from Olivier Rousteng, the creative director at Balmain, to Kiko Mizuhara, the awesome model and NYLON muse, the book spans continents, occupations, and lifestyles. It's like the best travel-meets-inpiration Tumblr just came to life in your hands. 

Artfully designed by Mother NY, the book combines everything to love about the watercolor illustrations, scribbled writing, cute doodles, and carefully composed photos. There's also a paper doll dude in the front who comes with a selection of rad clothes. 

Check out some of our favorite snaps in the slideshow and pickup your copy of The Fashionable Selby here