the great etsy roundup

the fourth time is definitely the charm.

by ali hoffman

Considering this is our fourth Etsy Round-Up, you may be thinking we're scrapping the bottle of the barrel.

But let us reassure you, THIS IS FAR FROM THE CASE. 

Time after time, visit after visit, we're constantly surprised by the wonder-store's bottomless pit of treasures. 

Not convinced? Check out our latest findings and see for yourself!

P.S. Find links for purchase under each photo below.

Handwoven Rachel scarf by pidgepidge ($82 here)

Vintage Ruler Bangle by Jaqvon ($50 here)

Hand Printed 'Insanity' Braided Cuff Bracelet by thiefandbandit ($18 here)

Hand Printed Space Socks by StrathconaStockings ($28 here)

Hand Printed Flower Socks by StrathconaStockings ($28 here)