seven wonders for our seventh roundup (plus 1 for luck)!

by ali hoffman

Considering it's been a few months since our last Etsy Roundup, we'd be lying if we said we weren't a bit overwhelmed by the influx of talented artists and amazing treasures.

So, after a great deal of eliminating, we managed to cut down our of favorites list to only six shops.

Judging by description alone, the assortment couldn't sound more random: Delicate crystal necklaces from Singapore, colorful hand-made leather ballet flats, a stripey leather bag made in Cape Town, a collection of leather iPhone and iPad cases with awesome digital prints, and a British jewelry line inspired by atoms and molecules.  But when paired together, this list quickly becomes an accurate representation of what we want to dress like for spring. 

Check our picks below and let us know if we'll be dressing alike this season!

Crystal Quartz Point Necklace by AstralEYE ($40)

Leather iPhone Case by ToviCorrie ($40)

Leather iPad Case by ToviCorrie ($95)

Atomium Necklace by Ulala ($33)

Atomium Ring by Ulala ($28)

Soft Leather Ballet flats by The White Ribbon ($65)

Soft Leather Ballet flats by The White Ribbon ($65)