Watch the First Trailer For Quentin Tarantino’s ‘The Hateful Eight’

eight is great

There was a time when Quentin Tarantino vowed he would never make his next film, The Hateful Eight, after the script leaked online. Thank god that didn't happen, because based on the movie's brand-new trailer, it looks like vintage Tarantino in all the best ways. Set just after the Civil War, the story revolves around eight strangers who find themselves stranded during a biblical blizzard, at the wonderfully named stagecoach stopover, Minnie's Haberdashery. As the trailer points out, they're all united by a "deadly connection," and based on the Tarantino rulebook, chances are most of them—maybe none of them—will make it out alive.

The cast features Tarantino favorites Samuel L. Jackson, Tim Roth, and Michael Madsen, plus newbies like Bruce Dern and Jennifer Jason Leigh, who looks ready to steal just about every scene she's in. The Hateful Eight comes out on Christmas Day.