the actress on 21 jump street, sundance, and playing woody harrelson’s daughter.

by liza darwin

We don't know where Brie Larson gets all her energy from, but whatever her strategy is- we want it. Even halfway through a day of press interviews, the 23-year-old actress is perky, fun, and just plain nice. In other words, the complete opposite of her newest role as Woody Harrelson's moody, angry daughter in upcoming crime drama Rampart. She called us from LA yesterday, and while weren't able to score her secret, we did get the scoop on the movie, Metronomy, and the tough part about shaking a character.

Hey Brie, how's it going?

It's going well. I'm midway through my day of press for Rampart! I actually really like talking about the movie, because I think there's a lot to say about this film and I'm excited that people want to talk about it. I think it brings up a lot of important issues.

It's really intense.

[Laughing] Yep, that's probably the best way to describe it. It's really dark.

Your character in this movie was pretty rebellious; she wasn't afraid to talk back to her dad. What was that like?

Everyone in the movie is angry, and my character Helen manifests that anger in a really direct way. She shows how upset she is by calling him names and yelling at him and forcing him to address his issues. To be honest, it was kind of tough to shake the character and decompress at the end of the day [laughing].

What do you hope that people get from this film?

This is a film about parents and the responsibility of a parent to their kid. It's about being involved in their children's lives, which Dave [Harrelson] totally avoided. I hope that younger people who see this movie feel the need to call their parents, and I hope that parents who see this movie call their kids.

What bands are you really into right now?

I'm really into Twin Sister, I like this band called The Moor, and Metronomy. I've actually seen Metronomy twice live, they're amazing!

What's next for you?

I made a short film with my best friend that's going to be in Sundance, which is super exciting. It's called The Arm, so you'll have to look out for it. I'm also in the new 21 Jump Street movie and will be doing press for that soon.

How was it making 21 Jump Street?

I loved it! It was so much fun. It's interesting, because I had watched the show occasionally, but the film is really different. The trailer is funny, but the movie is much funnier.

After this day of questions, is there something that you wish people would ask you that they haven't yet?

Hm...this question, probably. Actually, I do feel like I've been asked pretty much anything I'd want to be asked. I feel like if I haven't brought it up yet I probably never will! [laughing]

Rampart hits theaters this February and 21 Jump Street premieres in March.