the insider: chanel iman

the california girl debuts a new baseball-themed collection.

by ali hoffman

A Major League baseball player usually belongs in one of two categories: either he's a rookie or a veteran. Applying this terminology to the world of supermodels, Chanel Iman is definitely the latter. At 20, she's already walked the runway of every designer we can think of, plus a dozen more. Not to mention the countless magazine covers… 

Today she's at Victoria's Secret Pink's Soho location, helping to introduce the latest additions to their MLB collection. Wearing a navy studded Yankees jacket and holding a “blinged- out” baseball bat, Chanel chatted with us about her Yankee pride and DJ boyfriend. 

Considering Mark Teixeira (all-star Yankee Player) is here too, I should ask you a sporty question?  Right?! Well the thing is, I didn't play baseball.  I played softball. 

If you could snag season tickets, which team/sport would you pick?  Yankees! All the way.

I just heard your Mom opened up a clothing store in Los Angeles?  Yeah! The Red Bag Boutique. 

What kind of clothes does she sell?  We have vintage stuff, ready-to-wear, casual…everything! Growing up, my mom was always into fashion and that's kind of how I got into it. She has great taste. So that helps.

Who's your all-time favorite style icon?  My all-time style icon would probably be Madonna. I also love Lady Gaga.  Her outfits are not for me, but it's her personal style and she's taking a risk and I think, “Go for it!” If you have that confidence, go for it!

You wore a pretty risky outfit to the Met Gala this year! I loved that.  Thank you! I wore Michael Kors' outfit… a golden pant and blouse.

Oh it wasn't a jumpsuit?!  No, it's not a jumpsuit! I tucked in the top, and it made it look really cool and funky.  Michael and me wanted to do a mahogany feel…like a Diana Ross look.  I thought it would be perfect for the Met ball, because everyone was wearing long gowns. I'm like, “I am comfortable, ok? I'm here to have a good time!”

Do you have a certain designer you dream of collaborating with?  Well I'm hoping I'll be able to collaborate with PINK! That would be awesome.

You grew up in LA but you live in New York now?  Yeah, I live downtown. I'm a downtown girl.

So, LA vs. NY?  I like LA personally.  But I have a love/hate relationship with New York. I'm starting to find that I kind of love New York, (especially) in the summertime.  But in the wintertime it's too cold! I'm not used to that.

You're turning 21 this November!? Do you have any birthday plans? Well actually, my boyfriend is the DJ over there [pointing to DJ Chris Smith], and he turns 21 today! I have plenty of time to plan a big New York 21st birthday.