the insider: dianne brill

the warhol party girl tells nylon her beauty secrets.

by rebecca willa davis

Dianne Brill is no one-trick pony.

After a stint as Warhol muse, Jean Paul Gaultier model, and global party girl in the ‘80s, the blonde bombshell moved briefly out of the spotlight. But she definitely didn't disappear; instead, she moved to Zurich and started playing around with beauty products.

Twenty years later and Brill is now the woman behind Dianne Brill Cosmetics, a collection of eye shadows, lipsticks, face creams, and fragrances that look as good on as they do sitting on a vanity. She spoke with NYLON about the models she loves, the makeup trends she hates, and just what it takes to be a professional party girl.

What first got you interested in beauty?

I wanted to offer women my version of beauty, since it isn't exclusive to just one type of woman. When I approach it, I'm looking for a “feeling”; I want to feel pampered, adored, and polished. And instead of an austere look, I wrap up my products in beautiful packages for you to open with pleasure.

What beauty trends do you love?

Smoky eyes are so very sexy, even in daylight when you work with browns. I'm also happy to see cool nudes with sparkle in glosses and the return of red lipstick.

Any you hate?

Even though matte white mouths look great in a close up shot in a magazine, they look absolutely dry and uninviting worn in daylight.

You've got five minutes to get ready for a party—what's your beauty routine?

Definitely full lashes and a creamy red mouth.

Any tips for looking good the morning after a particularly wild and crazy night?

My Still and Fill Ice Pack de-puffer—the snake venom in the product calms the drama—as well as my eye brightener, which is a whitish-pink waterproof eye pencil, in the inner corner of both eyes.

As a former model, are there and runway walkers you particularly love right now?

I love Agyness, Lily, Sophie Dahl (still), and Crystal Renn, who is a mega-curvy, raven-haired, light-skinned plus-sized model who works a lot with Dolce & Gabbana.

How did you make the transition from party girl to entrepreneur?

To be a successful model, author, party queen, or beauty designer, you have to make a commitment that no matter what, you will be true to yourself and never lie about who you are, what you think, or what you want. This commitment gives a trust that helps others to believe too. When another person believes with you, then at least two of you do—and that is when it all starts to happen.

What's your advice to girls who want to start their own business?

If you're starting a business, you have to mean it. When you believe your idea will work, then every time you hear “no”, be clear that “no” is just a step closer towards hearing “yes”. With that, success is in the cards!

Is there anything that you'd still love to do?

On a personal note, I love astronauts and would like to meet Buzz Aldrin, who was the second man on the moon. He was the cute one.

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